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Mere Mortals On A Mission

If this season of compromised health has not made you reflect on the fragility of life then you might not be human. If this season of non-congregation has made you rethink about church and made you realize how fragile your spiritual life is then you’re definitely human. 
Whether you view yourself as a periodic church attender, a regular member or even a pastor, this season has likely blurred your idea of “church”.  This is not a bad thing. A lot of clarity can come out of reflection and uncertain times. 
A great outcome of this pandemic would be for the church to repent (to turn around) and refocus merely on this: that the mission was never for us to merely add members to the church but rather the church merely exists to keep its members on the mission.
Here’s a test if you want to check yourself on whether or not you’re on mission: when the “life doors” reopen and you discover the new normal, as you go back to your greater church congregations, are you merely celebrating that you’re bac…

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