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I'm Changed!!!

"I'm changed!"
"I'm changed!"

She exclaimed it over and over... then told us all what had happened.  The night before, she had been paid.  She took the money to the shop.  Bought vegetables and ugali, and went home to cook for her household.

Doesn't sound like such a big deal -until you know her story.

She joined our Addiction Assistance group back in February.  Since then, she has come to almost every meeting... drunk.  She came to our beadwork room, and even rolled paper beads.  But, she was most often the one who started fights, or stole others' work.

Then, about a week and a half ago, she came to us, broken.  This life is over for me.  I HAVE to stop drinking.  

Since then, she has been sober every day.  Gentle.  Helpful.  GOD is at work in her heart!!!

Yesterday, during our daily Bible study she recognized it herself... "I'm changed!"

This morning, as I reflect and praise GOD for His work in her life, I had to reflect on my own life as we…

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