VIA ...I am the Way

I am on my 12th year working for Starbucks Coffee. As I finish up my last few months at Starbucks and prepare to enter this new season, I have been doing a lot of reflection about the path that the LORD has had me on. I know that God will bless my Starbucks experience and apply it to the road ahead.
Speaking of roads, I have recently had a fun realization about a Starbucks product that launched last year: VIA - "Starbucks VIA Ready Brew." Perhaps you have had some. (I promise this is not a promotional add for Starbucks. Please humor me for a moment.) VIA is only available in two origin coffees, two flavors, if you will: Colombia and Italian Roast. Colombia, where a lot of coffee is grown, is Camie's birthplace and Italy, where coffee is perfected, is my birthplace. How random is that!
Anyhow, to continue on this stream of thought, "via" translated from Italian, means "street" or "way". If you were to walk down any road in Italy and look for a street name, you would be looking for an engraved cement street sign up on a wall or building. For example, it would say "VIA ITALIA" or you may have heard of the song "VIA DOLOROSA" (the way of suffering).
So, although I love my Starbucks Coffee and now feel even more connected to the brand and hope you do as well, Starbucks VIA is a daily reminder of my favorite connection. Referenced from the Bible in John 14:6 - "Jesus said to him, I am the way [the via], and the truth, and the life." (Italian) "GesĂș gli disse: Io sono la via, la veritĂ  e la vita."
To sum up this long thought, the next time you see or have a Starbucks VIA, would you consider "the Way?" When you see Starbucks Coffee would you also please remember our family in prayer?
We are encouraged and excited about the journey or "via" ahead.
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p.s. If you ever come to visit us in Kenya, feel free to bring Starbucks Coffee.


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