It's Going To Take A Miracle

"It's going to take a miracle."  I often used this phrase when faced with the reality of overcoming a daunting, impossible task.  I moved forward to face the 'big giant'. Full-steam ahead I would work to finish the job under my own power and strength all the while saying half-heartedly, "It's going to take a miracle."

But, am I really believing that?  Do I in those moments rely on a celestial being to intervene for us? Am I really acknowledging that we can not do it under our own strength?  Shouldn't I really be saying, "LORD I can not do this on my own. Please intervene and guide me through the process. I have faith that if I am available to you, you will do it!"

As a family, we are learning to understand this "miracle" approach. The reality is that it is going to take miracles for us to be in Nairobi.  Along with our normal life schedules of work, school, kid's lessons, etc., the plans to move to Kenya are falling into place.  We have packed up and sold most of our possessions, planned out a time-line and have begun looking at the practical things such as passports and vaccine shot records. Sound exciting?  Honestly, it's hard work and there are often times when all we can do is pray, "LORD, we know it's going to take a miracle..." So, we make ourselves available, spiritually, emotionally and physically to be used by God. And that is when it gets exciting!
Over the last few months God has provided and has worked out his specialty countless times.  It has most often been manifested in the relationships and open doors that he continues to provide.  The greatest encouragement and confidence has been in the introduction to key relationships that we trust will guide us to specific ways we can be of assistance to the local church in Nairobi:
  • We consistently are being introduced to people that have a Kenya connection.  Relationships encourage us to stay focused on the path and our desire to serve the people in Kenya.
  • On October 1st we will be meeting with a gentleman visiting from Kenya who directs a ministry for widows and orphans in Nairobi.
  • After 9 months of being on the market (BTW selling a house is almost as daunting as the anticipation of birth) our house did not sell. God provided a family interested in renting from us.
  • Daily we are provided with opportunities to share God's plan with friends and strangers.  The Holy Spirit speaks more clearly and often than we could ever imagine.
  • We are blessed with a deep, solid foundation in both our sending agency, MVI and our home, Summit Church.  We are receiving God honoring direction and counsel in this process.


  1. thanks for adding us to your e-mail list. Love to stay updated. We will pray!
    Joe and Leah Warren


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