Tekla's Artwork

Tekla is a dear friend in Kenya and love her very much. We have told her story many times before.  She lives in the Kiambiu slum with her teenage boys.  She has been HIV + for many years.  We believe that she has miraculously  endured the virus for so long because of her faith and hope in Jesus.  She is a light and encouragement to many widows in the slum and continues to be an inspiration to us.  A few years ago she won an award for her artwork, a new sewing machine. 
Her art is currently on display on the Summit Church wall supporting the Africa Week theme.  She probably never imagined that she would have such an impact.  Tekla is the true servant on the front lines, encouraging and helping others with HIV.  We look forward to serving along side of Tekla again soon.
Please pray for Tekla, the people on the front lines serving the LORD in the slums of Nairobi and the millions of lost people who live there.

More pictures of her artwork on our facebook page.


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