Dolls for Africa

More pictures on the facebook page
Our family, primarily Camie with her creative sewing skills, recently started up a "Dolls for Africa",  a community service project through Summit Church. 
The idea was created in an effort to help people of all ages connect with children in Africa.  The hope is that it would expand their worldview and give them a creative way to learn, pray and get involved in Africa and missions.  Each doll is personally created and gets sent along with a card and a photo of the person who made it.  Summit Church's "Go to Africa" Malawi team will take the dolls made so far and distribute them on the March trip.
It has been fun to see others get excited about the idea. A friend even created the dolls facebook page and we've since had two other events wanting to host their own doll project.   We treasure the opportunities we get to share our journey with others and tell of what God is doing in our lives as we prepare to go.


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