Dusty Shoes and Tired Feet...

Dusty Shoes,  Tired Feet,  Blistered Hands and Full Hearts

The fog of our jet lag is lifting!  We woke this morning to Sam’s yelps and cheers as he ran from the front to the back of the yard... “Monkeys!  Big monkeys!  Can I keep one?” Yes, we are definitely in Kenya!
The best part of our experience so far undoubtedly is our new Kenyan friends!  They have made us feel so welcome, laughed with us at our fumbling attempts at Swahili, and even broken the news to Sam, “only muzungus say Jambo”.  Duncan taught Sam to use a slasher and he’s proud of his big blister from chopping grass.  Nathan “got schooled” in his first football (soccer) match.  Abby has 5 new facebook friends  - her girls’ small group from church.
I (Camie) got to experience the market today!  Janet was generous and brave in letting me tag along.  The matatu ride was one of a kind!  A 12 passenger van packed with 16 people and 2 more hanging out the door.  I was thankful for my safe seat, in spite of the open hole in the floor with a car battery and wires. Together we carried the heavy grocery basket home.  My hand got sore and I had to keep switching sides with Janet.  Eventually she offered a better way, easily hoisting the basket onto her head and balancing it with one hand.
Dusty shoes, tired feet, blistered hands and full hearts... we are all ready for bed... in Kenya!
Throughout each of these experiences, and throughout some that have not been as much fun, God keeps whispering to us, “TRUST, My way is perfect!”

And so, as a family, we continue to cling to our verse, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Pr. 3:5-6.


  1. Thanks! Love your blog... please keep writing as you walk the coming kilometers in Kenya! Love you guys!

  2. Praying, won't stop...Love the joy I hear beneath these words.

  3. Janet reminds me of a few women God has planted in my life along the way to teach me the ropes of living in a different culture. I am so glad she is there for you. And get ready for Sam to speak Swahili better and faster than you. Love to all five of you and greetings to Janet. Mom


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