A GOAT, CHAI, and DAILY dependence on GOD

Being in the place we know God has called us to - we are blessed!
Still, we walk daily, asking God, “What do you have for us today?”  It is always wonderful to have the reassurance to fall back on - God brought us here!  Whether it’s exciting, embarrassing or needing to endure, we anchor ourselves to that fact.  God got us this far, He’s not going to abandon us now!

Nairobi Chapel has definitely been a gift that God placed in our paths.  They are gently helping us find our way so that we can be effective here in Kenya.  “Don’t ever serve a cup of chai that isn’t full to the brim.  Rather risk a spill than the lack of generosity!”  And much bigger ministry lessons about how we “muzungus” sometimes come across and how we can avoid hurts and rifts in relationships and in ministry.


 We also have been greatly honored.  As Nairobi Chapel introduced us to the congregation, we were surprised by a wonderful gift - a live goat.  I wish we had a picture of our faces, as we were standing on stage - in a church of about 3000 people, as a goat was walked up to be presented to us!  

Pastor Oscar quickly explained - this is NOT a pet - we will have a feast at your house.  Sam cried afterwards - “I can’t help it, I felt attached the minute I saw him!”  We realized the gift was in earnest when a friend came and asked for keys to put the goat in our “boot”.  We all giggled the whole way home as the goat “maahhed” with every bump and turn.

Sam has since resigned himself and is now busy carving pegs to dry the goat's skin.  Nate is worried that the oldest son may have to be involved in the slaughtering.

 I was surprised the other morning with a visitor in my kitchen - he had gotten loose!

So, a goat and chai, and so much more bring us to daily dependence on God....

Thank you to each of you, friends and family who pray for us and care about us each day!  We think about you often and care about you dearly! 


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