A Day in Malindi

On the last Saturday we had some free time so the two of us took a 45 minute trip North to the town of Malindi, well known for it’s large Italian population.  We were hoping for some good beach time and I was craving a good shot of espresso.  Both on the matatu (bus) ride up and back there was someone on it that we happened to know from Kilifi.  Guardian angels I guess.
We arrived to pouring rain so we changed our beach plans to looking for lunch.  We found a little Italian place that had below average pizza and sat listening to Italian conversations around us.  We met a fisherman Capt. Mohammed who offered to take us on a tour of Malindi.  Free tour-guide, we agreed. 
He was walking barefoot and I noticed early-on that he was walking with a limp.  I inquired and he showed us a big cut on the bottom of his foot infected by a splinter lodged inside.  He went to the hospital a few days before to have it looked at but could not afford the bill to have it taken care of and left without medical attention.  I felt sad for him and I prayed and asked the Lord for direction.  At the end of the tour I gave him a little money in Jesus’ name to pay for his hospital bill.  He was so grateful. I asked him to promise me he would get it taken care of that day and gave him my phone number to let me know his progress.  I prayed for him and we parted ways and he assured me he would go right to the hospital.  The next day, he borrowed someones phone and called me to let us know that he went to the hospital to receive care and was feeling much better.
In the end, since we did not go to the beach and did not find a good cup of coffee, we decided that God had us go to Malindi just to meet Capt. Mohammed.  That was a good enough reason for me.  Here we were, on the other side of the world, on the coast of Kenya, away from Nairobi, out for the day, having fun, living by the Spirit.  A good reminder that you never know the plans God might have for your day ahead. Please pray for Capt. Mohammed.


  1. You amaze me. I'm so proud of you.


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