In God's hands

Throughout our week in Kilifi, we felt God’s hand of protection as he put specific people in our lives to guide and protect us.  I believe there were many people praying for us.  We really felt God's presence and direction throughout the entire week.

Our Tuk-Tuk driver, Joseph, was a born again believer.  There were times we would be walking around the town and we would run into him almost as if God appointed him as our guardian angel.  We called on him to dive us to ministry towards the wazungs (white folks, Europeans).  Before moving to Kenya one of my prayers was that if the Lord ever put me in a place to minister to Italian tourists I would be willing to be used by him.  This week I had a chance to do that.  So we looked for coffee shops and restaurants where they might hang out.  While breaking down these walls in another cultural setting has it’s own unique challenges and we did not see any muzungu conversions this week, we did make some interesting contacts that will lead to follow-up conversations.  Remaining available and letting God lead the way.  God hears our prayers.


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