Mission to Kilifi

Nathan and I (Brad) got a chance to spend 12 days in the coastal town of Kilifi.  We went on a mission with about 18 others from Nairobi Chapel.  We met a couple 100 other short term missionaries there coming from all over Kenya.  Our mission was to work with the local churches in the town of Kilifi and to do a major outreach to the entire town.
Kilifi is a beautiful, quiet, slow paced coastal town on the Indian Ocean.  The climate was beautiful and made us feel like we were back home in FL.  Despite the beauty and slow paced lifestyle, the town has many challenges.  Along with poverty and many of the common challenges in an African town, the town has been both economically and spiritually neglected for hundreds of years.  This lead to a strong presence of other beliefs, Muslim, animistic, black magic and complete spiritual darkness.
There is a strong Muslim presence that has many closed to accepting Jesus and confused as to who He really is.  As we could hear the calls to prayers all throughout the day, I would pray against the Muslim stronghold and that they would be receptive to the gospel.  Many people claim to be Muslim simply because they have never heard the truth about the Gospel and have been persuaded to practice the Muslim faith for monetary reasons.  "If you become Muslim, you get money or help." Very motivating when you struggle to make ends meat.
Nevertheless, we saw many people both Muslims and "nominal Christians" accept Jesus.  Over the week that we were doing outreach, over 2,000 people made a profession of faith and many more recommitted their lives to following Jesus.
I got a chance to preach a few times, prayed with many, and even dedicated a baby named "Wisdom."
Nate and I had a great bonding week.  He was a blessing and encouragement to many people.  As a father, I am most proud of my children when I see them grow in faith and wisdom of the LORD.  Nate turns 16 this week.  He had a big week .
I'll add more stories from our trip in detail this week.


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