My weekly trip to the market is an event ... I love it!  Buying the same vegetable or fruit from the same lady each week has blossomed into some great friendships.  My tomato lady’s product hasn’t been that great for the past 3 weeks, but I could never buy from someone else.  She would be so hurt!

 But, the cabbages for some reason, are sold by men.  Boisterous, and way too pushy....  Whenever I walk by, they demand that I buy a cabbage.  I usually quickly pass with my head down (even though they are calling “Sam, Sam” - seems that everyone at the market knows his name and loves him!).

This week, I got to take Brad with me on my vegetable run.  As I quickly walked past the cabbages to my potato lady, I was touched.  Brad had stopped and answered their calls.  As I waited, I overheard his conversation - somehow steered to discuss “faith in God”.  He learned their names.  One man’s name was Gideon.  “Ah”, Brad told him - “do you know who Gideon was?”  I enjoyed listening in as Brad shared with him about the Gideon of the Bible and his story of faith in God.  My husband finds a way to appreciate the people around him... even the cabbage men!  

I am thankful this morning that we get to be here, in Kenya, as a family.  What a privilege!!!


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