What am I praying for?

What are the things that I can pray for that nobody else can? I have been considering these thoughts in an effort to deeply connect with God in particular things.  There are things in my life that he has given and entrusted me to be praying about.  There are prayer items that I am to be responsible for, to be a watchman for, to be deeply passionate about.  It’s not to say that I should stop praying about other things but there are things that many people are already praying about.  I am recognizing that there are personal things that if I am not praying about no one will.
God has shaped me in my own unique way.  I am married to Camie – nobody else is.  No one can pray for her like I can.  I am not claiming to be an amazing prayer warrior “like nobody else”, but I simply have a unique perspective and responsibility to take before God, on behalf of Camie, that no one else has.  I am Nathan, Abby and Sam’s dad – I am their only earthly father that can pray and stand before God on their behalf.  My mind is uniquely wired for me to discover God’s purpose for me.  I have the best perspective on my own personal ministry and can pray, seek, listen and move on those accounts. Also, there are people that God has allowed me to cross paths with. I do not want to miss these unique connections. It is in intimate moments with God where I listen to how best I can move in these relationships to bring him glory.
Sure, other people can pray for the things that matter to me, as I hope many do, but it’s not with the clear, deep, connectedness with God that I can have in these matters.  The fact is that everyone has things that they can pray for like nobody else can. 
God wants to hear where I am.  He is working and moving on behalf of the things that matter to me.  If I don’t pray about those things does God know they really matter to me?  How can I hear him if I don’t pray?  How does God hear me if I don’t pray? If I don’t pray about those things who is?  Is there anybody who will? I recognize that prayer is not a formula or a sales pitch to God but it is like praying through a least common denominator or “cornering the market” on particular prayer items.
So I ask myself, “What can I pray for my family, ministry, finances and my personal walk from a perspective that no one else can?” I want to pray big things that only I can. I want to deeply connect with God and hear his thoughts in these matters.  For I know that it is the best way for me to know how to walk, how to decide, how to be, how to love. God will answer these prayers.  He listens and wants to intimately connect and be God.  
Finally, I do not want to forget that as I pray for these matters, I can also deeply express my failures or inadequacies in these matters and relationships.  "God, I have given it my all, I do not have the strength to finish.  I need your help." God also deeply cares about what I feel in these moments.  He can move and take over in my inadequate times.
So I will keep searching and asking the LORD  for the things that only I can be praying for.



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