Have you hugged your toilet today?

When we moved into our new house, I actually worried a little about how our family would make it with just ONE bathroom.  We have almost always lived in a home with 2 ... it always felt like we really NEEDED them both!
Our glorious bathroom!
So, how did God prepare us for this new change?
Well, we've lived here in our ONE bathroom home for a week now.  During this week, we have had no water... so, carrying bucket after bucket has made every task take a little longer... even brushing our teeth has new obstacles!

For one 24 hour period, we didn't have a toilet that we could use at all!  Since we live in a city, there aren't a lot of bushes around for us to duck behind... and wherever we go outside, we have a swarm of children that accompany us (no privacy for a little bathroom break outdoors!)
These are some of our neighbors - we haven't mastered carrying buckets on our heads yet!
 Interestingly, once the toilet was fixed, carrying the buckets to flush didn't seem hard at all!!!

And, we haven't felt at all the pinch of just ONE bathroom!  .....We are very grateful for ONE bathroom!!!

God does have a wonderful way of making us recognize our blessings!!!


  1. Do you have to throw some water down the toilet with a bucket? I remember as a child visiting my family in El Salvador and having to do this. I was 12 yrs. old and found myself speechless when I realized how ungrateful I was for the little things. What an amazing experience for your kids to be living in another country. Blessing to you all!

  2. Yes, Liz! I big bucketful down the toilet will flush it! We've been using our leftover dishwater and laundry water to flush.


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