My new "secret"...

I've learned a secret to homeschooling....

In a culture where a knock on the door is an honor,

Where a cup of tea, a smile and a visit are always only a "hodi"  (Knock) away,

 With so many interruptions, how will we get all our school done!?!

My secret...  I've just stopped calling them interruptions - and realized they are an important part of "school"!

Nathan cuddles

Abby and Bramwell share the same birthday.!

Balloon sword fight!
Today, Susan arrived with her beautiful baby, Bramwell.   After a nice visit, she asked if she could leave the baby with us while she went to look for some "greens" for their dinner.  My mind struggled for a minute as I calculated the set-back in our homeschool schedule.  But not for long!  
Susan and Bramwell
As I reminded myself of her story, my answer was, "Of course!"  After Susan's Mom's death, her father remarried and kicked her out of the home.  While living with her sister and attending high school, she became pregnant with Bramwell.  Now she struggles to make it with her beautiful son!  How can we NOT say yes? 

What better gift for my children to learn than this 
- People are ALWAYS more important!  
When someone has faced rejection often in their life, that cup of tea and welcoming spirit are so very much more valuable than Math facts and Spelling words!

Precious Bramwell!


  1. I think reminding ourselves that homeschooling isn't JUST academics is so important to keeping our families sane. Though I am halfway around the world, I struggle everyday with balancing enough academics vs. helping those in need. Praying for you and thanking God for your victory today! Praying for tomorrow's battles too!


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