Teen Girls... Moms... Breadwinners...
These young girls have a lot 
on their plates already!!
Hope is what they need...
Hope is what Jesus has to offer!

When we reached out for struggling teen girls in Ngando, we soon realized that that includes almost every one of them!

What is extra special about this outreach to me is that Ngando is the neighborhood we just moved into.   
These are our new neighbors

This is the road to our house!
We make sure our planning meetings are also fun!

Meet some of our team - from Nairobi Chapel.  An amazing group of women who are passionate about empowering these girls, and more importantly sharing the Love of Jesus with them!

After 2 meetings with the girls, we took some time to visit them in their homes.  Really a special day!  Amazing to realize that most of them are already mothers!
Nancy's home (she is standing right next to me).  Nancy is a mother of 4.


Along with the relationships we are building, we are teaching them some trades that will enable them to support their families.   

Abby and I loved learning how to make soap and bleach with them!  

...And it actually works great!!!  We used the soap we made to clean our own home after the construction and before we moved in.  

Next week... shampoo with the Ngando girls...  Be watching for our family's radiant hair in future pictures!

Please pray with us for each of these girls.  Hope is what they lack... Hope is what Jesus has to offer them!


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