Waking with a heavy heart

Today we were meant to be there, at this home, sharing Jesus’ love and some meals with these kids!
But we CAN’T be!

Our Thanksgiving plans have changed...

God introduced us... - there is no other explanation for how we ran into this home! 

100 beds - 260 kids - We have learned they sleep in "shifts"

Our hearts were crushed as we realized that these 250+ kids were not being fed!  Knowing that God was calling us to somehow get involved, we started praying along with 6 good Kenyan (and Tanzanian) friends for these children.

Digging up more information about the place has led us to some horrible stories.  We believe now, that there are some very egregious offenses happening here!

Police were not able to guarantee that we would not be implicated in the crimes if we went INto that home - even as a church group running a VBS.  They recommended that we NOT go there at all!

We recognize now that we are fighting a big battle!
So, we have been forced to postpone our Thanksgiving Day plans.  

And, we are asking our friends, 
to pray with us for wisdom.

Our “meeting” these children was led by God.  We are now praying that He will direct us as to how we can be involved in their lives!  

These children are locked behind abusive doors - they need to be RESCUED!   We don’t know the way forward...

Now we are in a place - an overwhelming place...   A place where we cannot stand by...

A place where we're not sure what to do, but we know we HAVE to do something! 

God is the ONE who knows the way forward!


  1. I will pray for God to give you guidance, endurance, protection, and the means to be able to help those children.

  2. Praying for the Lord of hosts to send angels to work in this situation, to guide and guard you regarding decisions about how and when to be involved.
    Gary Wadding

  3. Praying for all of you and those precious children...God has a plan...I know He will reveal it to you...May God bless you as you wait patiently on Him! Love, Denise Modomo

  4. Praying Praying.

  5. We are praying for you, and then praying some more, that God would give you grace upon grace, wisdom upon wisdom, peace upon peace, and then, above all else, that you would sense His Presence in your hearts, leading and guiding you each step of the way.

    Blessings, Joe and Jill


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