It's only a cake!

I had promised to take a cake to a gathering tonight...  The cake never got baked...

A little stressful, as I entertained guest after guest, adding up the hours in the back of my mind to see if there would be time to finish the baking.

But, Irene came... and cakes now seem so petty!

Irene, a very young, single mother of 3

Irene has been here to visit several times.  This video is from last Saturday... enjoying our group of Ng'ando Girls.  Recounting her success in selling the soap we had made together.

We enjoyed our time, singing and laughing together...
Sam, holding Irene's baby boy
Today, Irene came back - sorrow-filled.
We cried together as she recounted ... 

Her 16 year old sister passed this morning.
Leaving behind a 3 year old son.

The poverty, alcohol and most of all, the lack of hope in Jesus has devastated her family.

Please, pray with me for Irene, her family, and our many other neighbors who struggle.

And Lord, help me not to focus on "baking cakes" ... but to recognize what is truly important today.
Irene and I today - a big smile after we prayed together, I found her a sweater to wear and gathered some groceries for her family tonight.  We called ourselves "The Green Sisters"...


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