The day Brad got mugged...

...that was when I took my wedding ring off... 

Brad's wedding ring was the one thing the thugs didn't steal... but not because they didn't try!  His ring was a little tight, and as they were trying to rip it off, another car began to approach - they ran off.

We were both relieved - thankful!  His wedding ring was so much more precious to us than all we lost... the money, the laptop, even the damage to the car...  All those could be replaced, - his machete wounds would heal.  

I decided my ring was the one thing I didn't want to lose...  We don't own a lot.. and although we need what we have, we do hold it pretty loosely.   But my wedding ring... it's now in Florida in a safety deposit box. 

I bought myself a copper washer at the market... for only 20 cents!  Brad wasn't impressed - especially when it (and my finger) turned green!

I am delighted with the gift he presented to me yesterday! 
A Kenyan wedding ring!  
Inscribed with the Kenyan date...  
Sentimental in a new way... 
Signifying a new beginning... 
perhaps our next 20 years Kenya?!

Today I'm thankful!   Not wearing a ring reminded of a difficult time...  
Now, this new ring makes me smile... my Kenyan wedding ring! ... beautiful in God's time!


  1. You two are awesome. I love how you love. You make me proud again today.

  2. Yay! So wonderful! -Leah :)))


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