Unlikely Friends...

When Sisters Decided to Take a Different Path


Irene... a very young, single Mom... living with HIV...struggling to feed her 3 children


Two sweet sisters with their amazing Mama
Ciera and Ryanna... Florida sisters, who could live comfortably, focusing only on their  friends, fun and horseback riding, but instead have chosen to look beyond what God has given them and share it with others!

Although they will probably never meet, these sisters brought Irene hope - the prospect of being able to provide for her own children!

Irene with her baby twins

It all started last October, when Ciera, and Ryanna  made a crazy choice.   An unusual twist jolted the end of their beautiful birthday party...  when it came time for gifts, they opted instead of receiving, to give.  They and their friends set up a fund to help ladies here in Kenya!

Now, that fund has brought hope to Irene.

Irene has been a part of the outreach, Girls With Vision, and Pauline, for months now.  She grabbed onto the soap making skills and has gone through some light business training.  Now, with "birthday gift" funds, we have been able to launch her in her own business.  The first day, she sold 20 liters!  She came the next morning to celebrate with me.... "Now I can put Faith (her daughter) into school!" 

 Our biggest prayer for Irene is that through this "earthly hope" of food and schooling, she will deepen the "most important hope"... her relationship with Jesus! 

One of our "front porch" soap making classes

Irene receiving her "soap-making" certificate

One of her visits - the day her sister died

Sam taking care of Blessed, her baby while Irene made soap

Her business start-up supplies

This is what it takes to make soap!

Celebrating 20 liters sold (with baby Esther)!


  1. This is a great story on both sides of the ocean. Blessings to all of them.

  2. That was awesome! Thank you for making this blog! It helped me understand more of what I was fundraising for. Im glad I got to help a young mother build her own business!

    Love, Ciera!

  3. Ciera, thank you for how you love Jesus by loving others! We appreciate you!


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