The Weather Forecast in Our Home...

The forecast... another “grace-filled” day! 

Finding this to be my prayer each morning.  Starting with grace toward my family.  Grace toward each precious, dirty hand that reaches out for a touch.  Grace in my response to the widow’s story that grabs me with pain. Grace toward the first person to ask me for money... as well as the 10th person.  Grace for the visitor that shows up at “just the wrong” time.... and the next visitor and the next...   Grace for situations that seem hopeless.  Grace in situations that are unjust...


Sometimes, these days feel so very full!  How can I approach each draining situation with grace?  Only as I embrace the BOUNDLESS GRACE that God extends to me.  As I stretch my arms up to Him, He so generously forgives, reaches down, and pours out ...more GRACE!

I’m thankful that the forecast in my life - today and every day, is another “grace-filled” day - unconditionally delivered through God’s love!


  1. such a beautiful post, camie! :) thanks for the reminder and the encouragement that all of our days can be filled with such grace!


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