Encountering Pain...

The LORD delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in his UNFAILING LOVE.
January 2012
Mama Kevin's husband was murdered last year on his way home from work.

On our walk home tonight, as we passed Mama Kevin's house, I was prompted to stop in real quick to visit her. When I walked in, her Bible was lying open on the table -       Psalm 147 is what she had been reading. I visited a little while, then looked around - realizing it was supper time - there was no sign of cooking or preparations. "What did you have to eat tonight?" I asked her. " We don't have any food," she replied... "we haven't eaten in days."  Our family enjoyed raiding our pantry and helping her prepare some food. On a deeper level I'm left pondering... How can people be going hungry a few steps from my house?... The suffering around us feels stifling sometimes!

January 2012
Mercy, 18 year old mama of Justin (1year) struggles to find a way to provide for herself and her little one.  We were overjoyed when she was welcomed into a 2 year sewing program which would provide her with some valuable skills and the ability to start a sewing business - HOPE for a future!  Two weeks later, after being late or missing class nearly every day, we visited Mercy to discover that she had nowhere to leave Justin.  So, on the days that she went to class, she was leaving him outside her home, alone, until her mom got there at noon to care for him.  Again, the needs feel so very complicated... stifling!
Walking into Mercy's house - this is where Justin was left to "play" while she went to class.
Justin's hand in mine... he still won't let me hold him - the color of my skin is too scary!

Stories of these 2 members of our Girls With Vision are a sampling - a taste of the struggles we face as we long to bring God's love and truth into their lives.   The mission of Girls With Vision, "...Through biblical principles, mentorship and empowerment to see a changed community..." collides with needs such as these every day.
In my next blog, I will describe the next step that God has placed in front of us.  Excited to share about it with you!!! 


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