Mama Kevin... Encountering Pain, The Next Chapter

As we have prayed through the different obstacles that "Girls With Vision" is facing, we are, as the leadership group, super excited with what we feel is the next step God is putting before us!
One of our "Girls With Vision" kids - walking through the heart of Ng'ando

We have found a building in the heart of Ng'ando.  It is central to the community - a perfect place for outreach to happen!  We are excited to have a place for the Girls With Vision to meet on a regular basis - even throughout the week, for Bible studies, training and community.  We outgrew the Matlack home a few months ago!  (Although, we still continue to make it work!)
Girls With Vision - A day of learning soap making... on our front porch
Koroga koroga... stir, stir, stir!

Helping Mama

Yes, there is a baby under that blanket!

As a solution to many of the obstacles surrounding our ministry so far, we are praying that God will give us a way to open a daycare in 2 of the rooms, leaving the other room for a meeting space.  Besides giving employment to some of our group members (Mama Kevin), the day care will also give a place for the girls to leave their children when they go for training or when they get a job.  While we are having Bible study or group times, the children will have a place to stay.  Outreach will also happen with the greater community through the daycare - meeting a real need that the community has, an opportunity to bring Jesus into the lives of more kids, and encouragement to many mamas.  
A daily trek for most mama's in our neighborhood... to get their water.

The budget we have set up will enable the daycare to be self-sustaining as well as support some of the needs of Girls With Vision after it gets going.

Many of you have been asking how you can help with Mama Kevin and also with this ministry.  Actually, helping us with our initial expenses for this project will assist Mama Kevin as well as many others!!  

I've written out our list of needs and desires - for the start up of the day care.  We are raising funds here in Kenya from some members of our group as well as our church friends.  If you would like to pitch in and join us, we would be very excited!
Three of our "Girls With Vision" team... Pauline (right), our amazing leader!
If you feel like you'd like to help, click on the donation link on the right hand side of our blog. 
In the memo, next to "Field Coordinator Ministry-Preferenced for"  write, "Matlacks Kenya - Girls with Vision"  If you'd like to donate toward a specific item on our needs list, you can also note it in that memo - also, if you wouldn't mind, send me an e-mail and let me know what it is your donating toward. Then I'll be able to get you some pictures specific to your donation.  Any funds that are donated over the needed start-up amount will be used toward projects within "Girls With Vision"  ie, training materials, Bible study books and Bibles, etc.

The rent for the place is about $55.00 per month.  Initially, we need 2 months rent for the deposit.  We are hoping by the 3rd month that we will have built up to the 10 regular customers that will be needed to cover all expenses. 

Also, there are a few initial start-up things that we could use some help for
Paint - $73.00
Small chairs - $32.00
Small mattresses for nap time - $44.00
Rug - $37.00
Table - 92.00
Potties - $12
Small meko (kerosene burner) to cook lunch - $73.00
Books, music, CD player, toys - $48.00
Cups and bowls - $6.00
Sheets for mattresses - $12.00
Receipt book - $5.00
Water/electric - $15.00


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