Friends, Flooding, Bruises and Laundry... 

What COULD they have in common?

I've done laundry FOUR times this week!

My first bout with washing was when I visited a Mama whose house had flooded the night before.  With rubber boots on (the floor was still soaking!), she was scrubbing her way through a mountain.  As I squatted next to her and took my post at the rinse bucket, she smiled...We laughed and washed together.

The second laundry day I barely encountered myself.  I was busy elsewhere, and my amazing husband took advantage of a sunny window in our rainy season days and surprised me with an clothes line full of clean clothes when I got home!   Have I mentioned that I LOVE my husband?

Another day this week, I visited to check up on a friend... one who had come for prayer the night before after she ran away from her husband's abuse.  When I arrived at her home, the door was closed.  As I entered, I found her, huddled over basins of soapy water and muddy clothes.   Unusual to be washing inside?   My eyes teared up at her bruised cheek.  She didn't want to face the neighbors ' questions.  Again, I took my place - side-by-side, we quietly tackled the mud.   

I soon realized it was easier w/ no umbrella

Yesterday Brad was having a hard time finding a pair of clean socks... I knew that today, rain or shine, I would be doing some MORE laundry!
At first, I tried hanging the laundry with my umbrella...

...It didn't shine - but, I didn't let the rain beat me!

Laundry stories... I don't even know what they all have in common... except friendships!  Something special about being able to help, and being helped.  Every load is lighter when we face it with a friend!


  1. There's nothing like sharing a heavy burden with a friend to make the load lighter. How amazing that you were placed in that country for such a time as this. Love you Camie!!


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