A Smile is Born...

Still dark out... but plenty of laughs still!
 Up at 5am to celebrate!   
...and help this widow lady start her new business!

Dishing up the tea... ready to serve!

I only rolled out ONE chapati... Somehow, mine just wasn't as beautiful!
Eli, wondering WHAT is going on... watching from his favorite hang-out

This widowed mama has been without means to provide for her 2 boys for the last year.
Special for me to watch a smile coming back into her eyes!
Frying them up on a charcoal giko... Delicious!
She has now been selling mugs of tea, chapati and beans to workers around the neighborhood for about 2 weeks.

At a wood workshop, selling out of her special Masala Tea!

The struggles aren't over...
The pain and loss isn't any less...
But for this lady, for sure there will be fewer nights of going to bed hungry...
Fewer headaches while worrying about where the $10 month's rent will come from...

Yes, on this morning, a smile was born!

And now, every time I pass her on the trail, carrying her bucket of mugs and thermos of tea...

I smile too!

A special dedication of this post to the Price family - the last of your girls' birthday money went into this project!  Thank you again for your faithfulness!!!


  1. Thank you Camie for sharing this. The Evil One is hard at work here in the USA trying to make me feel like the love we share with others isn't enough to make a difference in the Kingdom of Jesus. I keep thinking back to what I always say, that "Serving is who you ARE, not just what you DO!" And serving is definitely who we ARE. Love you!!


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