We've always eaten EVERYTHING.. and never gotten sick here.... UNTIL...
Whether cooked on a wood fire or in a little shop in a slum, we decided when we moved here that we would dive into this country and its food head first... 

With gratefulness, we've drunk every cup of water offered to us... 

Nothing unites like shared food... I can't imagine hurting someone by turning down what they have offered to me!

And we've NEVER gotten sick from any of it!!!

Sam and I even tried some bugs!

The stand where we buy most of our vegetables - from Frances

But, a few days ago, I finally got my first stomach problems from something I ate... And where I ate that bad food just makes me laugh...

I had taken a friend for tea at JAVA HOUSE - which is an absolutely fancy little cafe!  An upscale place where people never think twice about the cleanliness of the food!  The little cheese pie that I ate that morning was the last thing I ate for two days... as my body let me know that it "WASN'T GOOD!"

So, now I'm thinking...  My body wasn't made for fancy food!  

I was made to be among the poor, and that's just where I'll hang!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. How ironic! Beautifully written as always, Camie!

  2. i think this is how pastor von got to be where he is - knowing where he belonged and eating everything-can't wait to see pics of you guys at 85 ;)

  3. haha When I was in Kenya this past time, I got sick from Java House! Too fancy for me too!


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