A day to celebrate our Sam...

We loved getting away for a family day - a time to renew and refresh!  And of course, Sam, the birthday boy chose the activity... climbing Mt. Longonot!  

So many reminders of our amazing and mighty God! 

Can't wait to watch as God continues to shape this tough and gentle boy... all wrapped into one!

The very beginning... we made it all the way up that mountain! 

Fun to have Nathan - from our home church, Summit, along with us!
The two Sams...

At the top of the volcano - tired, but still smiling... sort of...
My girl!

We saw zebra and giraffe... but no "buffaloe"!!

We've loved getting to know Sam and Kristina!
Go Nathan!  This loose sand wasn't so easy to climb up!

Our family representatives that made it all the way to the peak!

Sam couldn't leave without building a fort at the top of the mountain!
I stole a few cuddles!

Dirty, tired and happy feet...

I love you, Sam!


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