Powerless... but oh SO precious to GOD!

Another early morning knock at the gate!

Mama Felix...

Her house (one room tin shanty) will be locked today.  Rent has not been paid.

Her vegetable stand is completely empty - she is out of stock, with no way to replenish supplies.

Thus, no hope of a way to acquire that rent money!

How did her life spiral downward so quickly?

This widow, Mama Felix, has always lived simply - providing for her daily needs through her vegetable stand.  No frills, nothing fancy.... but all those basic needs have been met.

No one is more POWERLESS in this nation than the poor...

Here's her story.... the story of oppression that keeps the poor down!

Mama Felix has been providing vegetables to a small school throughout this year.  They have paid her every 2 weeks and it has worked out well.  But, over a month ago, they asked her to wait for her pay... If she refused, she knew they would just get their vegetables from somewhere else... she couldn't afford to loose this business!

So, she stretched, scrimped and scraped to continue delivering their orders.

But a widow who lives day to day can only come up with sukuma and tomatoes without being paid for so long!

That's what brought Mama Felix to my gate this morning.

Her house will be locked today (she has not paid the rent), her shop is empty (she spent all her capitol to supply the school), her children are hungry... yet she has no power to demand payment from the school.

 Who will DEFEND the defenseless?

Stop doing wrong
Learn to do right
Seek justice
Encourage the oppressed
Defend the cause of the fatherless
Plead the case of the widow....
Isaiah 1:16-17

It couldn't be more clear!  There is no question to us what GOD'S will is in this situation!

And so, we will walk... with Mama Felix and so many others!


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