My Sam...

CRAZY Inventions From a Marvelous Boy!

Almost EVERY day, Sam has a project in mind - the moment he wakes up...

Building, creating, carving, inventing, cooking, mixing...
Hard work or dirt (especially dirt) never frighten him!

"Mom, I'm not the kind of kid that says, 
'I'd like to buy that'... I'd rather just make it myself!"  
Sam told me one morning, over a serious project...
A concoction under way... HOPEFULLY, it will explode!
MUCH of the time, his prediction is different than the outcome... often he gets very frustrated with his own limitations.

SOMEtimes though, there is an amazing moment when it really DOES work!  

EVERY time, with each attempt, I am amazed at my Sam!
A rubber band shooter... watch out, DAD!

A campsite for his "Indian (in the Cupboard)" With a REAL fire, of course!
 Often, as people watch my children, they comment...

"Abby is such a gifted dancer!

Nathan is an expert drummer!

What does Sam do?"

Sam has looked at me with teary eyes - more than once asking, "Mommy, do I have a gift?"

I choke up as I respond... 
"Oh, Sam!  So very many gifts!!!  PLEASE don't ever change!"

The Christmas tree was leaning crooked... I came into the room to find Sam had fixed it!

After mopping one day, I asked Sam to keep the dogs out so the floor would stay clean for our guests... he rigged up this bell to help him keep track - it worked!
He has admitted to me that he doesn't WANT my computer to break, but if it does, he'll be very excited to take it apart!

In my "minimalist" living goal, I cringe as he collects... springs from the ground, rubber from some one's trash, cool sticks, broken appliances... we're trying to live SIMPLY!!!  But, he truly has a PLAN for each item!

To me, just watching Sam at work reminds me of 
God's handiwork!

 You are the one
who put me together
    inside my mother’s body,
and I praise you
    because of
the wonderful way
    you created me.
Everything you do is marvelous!
    Of this I have no doubt.

Psalm 139:13-14

May we always see each other as the marvelous work of God's hands... 
May we experience and develop the gifts that God gave us, instead of wishing for the gifts He gave to someone else! 

He cut out the fabric and sewed his own pouch for his arrows

Hungry for some fries?... there is ALWAYS a way!
 I LOVE YOU, my precious SAM!!!

Making his own sword...


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