The MOST Humbling Gift!

Only 8 months ago, we were searching for large sturdy cardboard boxes to help her insulate her tin walls...

Today, she brought me a gift...
Nancy's gift - beautiful cups with a spoon for each!

Literally, the tears started to flow.  And if it wouldn't have been just awkward, I could have sat there and sobbed!  

This was OUR Christmas party for our Girls With Vision.  
We had a beautiful meal planned - delectable treats and even sodas!  Singing, dancing and gifts for everyone.   
The BLESSINGS were for each of these amazing ladies!

Girls With Vision... they continue to teach ME so much about LIFE!
But after the festivities, the ladies sat US down.  
THEY had speeches... about lives that were changed - yes, because of training and opportunities, jobs start-ups and lots of love - but mostly because of JESUS!  
...These were their words.  

Then, they started to give their gifts!  
No, I never in 100 years expected a gift today.  
Honestly, I didn't really WANT a gift!  I know where these ladies live and how they struggle!   

Once again, I am being stretched... I am learning... 
I am BLESSED... 
These ladies have SO much to teach me!!!
The first time we visited Nancy - Sept 2011.  Her house is the one on the end - it goes up to the doorway. 

Nancy (on the left) in her home - where she lives with her 5 children.  You can see the cracks where cold and mosquitoes find easy entrance!  (There's cardboard covering these cracks now.)


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