Lost Girl

We spent the day yesterday, hanging up fliers...
A mama had passed the entire morning walking through every corner of our slum neighborhood, looking for her adopted niece who hadn't returned from school the evening before.

As we walked by her side, I was struck by this lonely fight for a poor poor mama in the face of tragedy.   The police heard, but had no "emergency response" upon hearing of an orphan girl, lost in a slum

Just a mama, and a few friends... no one else really even seemed to notice... a girl is LOST!

As we hung the signs, people gathered around to look, then trudged on - to face their own struggles.

Brenda on the day she came to live with Rachel
Brenda on my right... sweet snuggles!

Her mama died when she was young.  Dad left her abandoned in the market.  Rachel took Brendah in as her own daughter just last year.  

But in the last few weeks, Brendah started hearing her mama calling her.  She kept telling Rachel that she saw her mama in her dreams and needed to go find her.  Then, after school, she decided to follow those voices and started walking...
God actually worked a miracle that brought Brendah home last night!  A neighbor's bus was hijacked on her way home - all passengers were taken to the police station across town to report the crime.  While there, the neighbor recognized Brendah at the station! 

Yes, sometimes even a car-jacking may be a part of God's "big-picture" plan!
Rachel and Brendah - so thankful!

Of course, we had to bake a cake and celebrate Brendah's return to safety!  

Praying that she will stop hearing that voice and will know and feel that love that surrounds her!
Celebrating with friends!

We laughed that night, that Brendah's picture had been posted up next to all of the politicians' who are running for office.  We're wondering if she may get some votes in this next election!!!

Fun to be able to rejoice after a few very difficult days!


  1. That is awesome!!! Such an awesome testimony to God's work that we don't understand all the time. :)


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