She THOUGHT she had killed her baby... we MOURNED... God is GREATER!

She THOUGHT she had killed her baby...
Oh how I MOURNED!!!
But, GOD's story is bigger than I could even have imagined!

Read the STORY of Silvia

My mind is still reeling... with joy... at the amazing news we heard today!
Actually, it all still seems unreal!!!

Silvia with Mwangi as a newborn

After a fight with her husband, Silvia took baby Mwangi and threw him into some tall grass, far from where anyone lives.  Upon reaching home, she called "Baba Mwangi" (her husband), telling him that Mwangi was dead, she'd left him next to the railroad tracks. 

Baba Mwangi ran to the place she had described... Mwangi was GONE!

Silvia assumed that an animal had eaten her baby.  She RAN to hide from the police!

Weeks later, Baba Mwangi, walking through the neighborhood, saw his son!  When he asked the lady who held him, she explained - she had found the baby in some tall grass by the railroad tracks.  Since he had been abandoned, she took him to the chief and asked permission to keep him.  She was thrilled that God had given her the son she had always wanted!

Baba Mwangi ran home to find a picture of his son - probably one that I had taken and given to the family.  When he showed the photo to the chief, the baby was returned to his father - and is now staying with his Sho Sho (Grandmother). 

The amazing news... the one we thought was dead is ALIVE!!!
Everyone, including Silvia, was convinced Mwangi was gone.   
But God ...had been watching and saving him all along. 

The hardest thing that we as Girls With Vision had ever gone through has turned into a God-story of redemption!!!

  God, you are my God.
    I celebrate you. I praise you.
You’ve done your share of miracle-wonders,
    well-thought-out plans, solid and sure.

Also at that time, people will say,
    “Look at what’s happened! This is our God!
We waited for him and he showed up and saved us!
    This God, the one we waited for!
Let’s celebrate, sing the joys of his salvation.
    God’s hand rests on this mountain (slum neighborhood)!”

Isaiah 25 

Moses...also hidden in tall grass... rescued by a childless, compassionate woman... somehow the similarity of these stories strikes me hard!

I believe that God has some special plans for baby Mwangi... his story, before he has even turned one is already a miracle!!!

Now I can look at these pictures and not burst into tears... GOD has RESCUED this boy!!!
 Thank you to each of you who mourned over Mwangi's story with me!  Now we can THANK our faithful God together!



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