What if my husband is a THUG?

Serious questions...

I LOVE that this new group of ladies we are walking with is not asking for OPINIONS.  
For the first time in their lives, they want to know the TRUTH from God's Word!

 And so, TOGETHER we search... And beg God for wisdom...

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.  James 1:5

But today's questions are not normal questions for me to consider...

Today, we literally wrestle with TRUTH.   
"My husband is a thief and a thug."  
"My husband drinks and doesn't provide food for our family."  
"My husband is a gang member..."

My own heart aches for these ladies!   I have seen their BRUISES - their TEARS - their HUNGER - their FEAR!

Suddenly, the verses that I cling to in my own marriage just sting...  

 "The same goes for you wives: Be good wives to your husbands, responsive to their needs. There are husbands who, indifferent as they are to any words about God, will be captivated by your life of holy beauty." 
1 Peter 3:1-4 
Does God's TRUTH stand true... even when we are sitting in the middle of a rough neighborhood, with truly UGLY situations?   Is it possible that God can change the hearts of these men? 

As we look into each others eyes, we know... we will stand together, fight for each other, protect each other, encourage each other, and pray for each other and for our husbands - God's TRUTH will always STAND...


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