Because DIGNITY Matters!

She came to my house on Saturday... the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  
A day when the world felt full of hope.

But, when your husband is a thief and deals drugs, you don't always feel that hope!  And Saturday, Ruth and her baby were HUNGRY!  The small business that we are helping Ruth to start hasn't gotten off the ground yet.  And so, money had run out...

We have given her food before - on a desperate day.  But, at Girls With Vision, our goal is not to give away food...  We could have given away $1,000's by now - to truly needy people!

These ladies need to feel the DIGNITY that God created them with.  Not to see themselves as "needy" - but as "blessed".  As they learn truth from God's Word, they gain strength and wisdom to provide for their children.  In turn, we have seen some grow to the place where they are now able and willing to bless others around them!  

In this cycle, lies HOPE... instead of POWERLESSNESS.

And so, when Ruth came to us, HUNGRY - we were thrilled to see that between selling for her small business start-up, she had been working on some jewelry!  
Instead of giving her food, we were able to pay her for her work!

And, she left my house with her head held high... you see, she wasn't begging!  She had earned that money to feed her family!

Ruth, with Ramses' "help", working on some paper beads...
And the jewelry that you buy truly IMPACTS people!!! 
Ruth and her family will have food for a couple of days because someone somewhere will buy her bracelets!

Here are 2 links where YOU can buy Girls With Vision jewelry. 

Girls With Vision helps make an ADOPTION possible!

16 year old Samantha BLESSES Girls With Vision!

Or, if you are interested in buying some wholesale, please feel free to contact
Michelle at OR Heather at
A group of ladies, gathered in our small sanctuary...
Paper beads...


  1. Love it! Of course you can use the pic of the girls' wrists!!!


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