When Choices Really TEAR Us Inside...

 Another story comes to the surface...
More pain
More rejection
Yet a strength of resolution that I may NEVER understand!

A 32-year old lady has been sharing her dream since the day we met her...  As we studied God's Word together, her prayers were consistent.  
She just wanted to FINISH school!
With not even a primary education, this dream appeared lofty to the rest of the ladies.  
Yet, we PRAYED together!

One day she arrived with complete JOY!
An aunt had offered to pay the fees for her to complete her high school!!!
We were all amazed at God's faithfulness!
We knelt in our thanksgiving together.

And, just like that her schooling started.
She walked over 5 miles each day over a very hilly road to get there.
She worked at one of her aunt's businesses in the evenings to repay her for the school fees.

Yet she smiled!

But one day, she arrived at our center - right away, we knew something was wrong... she should have been in school at that time!!
Through her brokenness, she shared.

The night before, her aunt had met her and guided her to the bar instead of the business she had been working at.
There, they met a man - the aunt had promised Stella as a prostitute to him for the night.
As Stella reeled back in shock,  the aunt looked on in surprise.  "How did you think you were going to pay for your school?"  "You are beautiful - we can't waste your beauty!"

Stella left the bar.
Left her dreams behind.
That night, she read and reread her Bible.
No matter how strong her desire for an education, she remained strong...

Called her aunt...
Cancelled her schooling.

And just like that, she reached in and grabbed my heart.

Following GOD,
Following TRUTH,
Is no joke!

Oh, how Stella inspires me to pursue GOD in new, committed and deep ways!   

My living room full of mamas and their babies... each with a story -


  1. May God bless her courage and reliance on Him. I pray that she will soon find another way to pay for her schooling.



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