It's NOT About Me!

As our 16 year old daughter rounded the path to walk home,  she saw her.
Squatting, right out in the open, using the restroom.

A little uncomfortable... but then, Abby realized that the lady was very drunk (at 10am).

The lady stumbled and followed for awhile.  
"Please, help me!"  
"I am being kicked out of my home."  
"My children are on the street."

Abby gently told the lady to come back when she was sober and continued to our home.

Shaken as she entered, Abby shared.  We all felt sad as we continued on with our day.

But then, I heard a cry from outside our front gate, 

"Help me"...

My heart sank.  I don't have time.  I don't have energy.  I can't deal with a drunk lady and heavy issues this morning!

So, I ignored that voice.  

As I write those words, again, I am struck with disappointment in myself.

I ignored that voice.  

She continued to call for at least 5 minutes.  I tried to go on with my tasks at hand.

Finally I couldn't ignore it any longer... I knew I was supposed to have compassion on this lady.  I walked out and opened the gate.  
She was gone.  
I walked back down the path where Abby had seen her.  
She wasn't there.  
I walked out to the main street in Ngando.  
No sign of her.  

And now, over a week later, I still hear her voice calling.  I pray for her - Stella was her name.  I hope that she will come back. 

Yes, it is true - I was overwhelmed... I didn't have energy... I was already emotionally spent...

But, it's  not about me!

My grace is enough; it’s all you need.
My strength comes into its own in your weakness.
 II Corinthians 12:9

And so, I am humbled. 
I go to God and ask for grace.  
And each day as I wake, I pray - that I WON'T miss what GOD has called me to for this day.


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