I have to admit... these last few weeks have been TOUGH!

I've been waking up wondering how I will make it through.  What is ahead won't be easy and I honestly just don't want to face it!

Who will show up hungry?
Needing.... needing... needing...

I feel like I am the needy one right now!  Overwhelmed and empty!  How can I continue to GIVE?

Then, I open THIS GIFT...
This journal may not look like much - but it is a TREASURE to me!
A group of my friends gathered together and hand wrote personal daily devotions to me!   

And, as I open it each day, I recognize that GOD isn't asking me to do my day alone.  As I hold others' hands up toward God, I have an amazing group of friends underneath me, holding me up in encouragement and prayer as I walk each step...

This morning, I just need to thank them...
And, I thank GOD for putting them into my life!


  1. Love you love you love you. Wish I could say it more. Wish I could live it out right beside you.
    The Lord is pleased with your offering. Give your one coin and ask for one more for tomorrow to give and know that we are loving you and lifting you all in our prayers :)

  2. Dear Matlack Family,

    I can't thank you enough for all the sacrifice that you and your family give to the people there. I am doing what I can here and it has been such a blessing for me to do so. Thank you. Prayers to your family and the Girls with Vision. I hope for the opportunity to come and work with you all.

    Samantha Solberg

  3. Much love and tears sent you way. I seem to cry daily these days, guess it is menopause or just God's floodgates opening. Either way they are tears of love and thankfulness for so much. Many are for you and your precious family who I am just so thankful for in so many ways, but mostly for the sacrifice that you are making for so many to be there for those hurting there and also for those of us here, who would like to be there, but for one reason or another, can't. You sacrifice for all of us too. Praying for you all this morning for God's strength to lift you up and continue to build all that you all are building there. YOU all are amazing.

  4. Camie,
    I am thankful that book is a support to you! We will never stop praying. Wishing we could do more, however I also know God is bigger than any hug, well wishes, or "I LOVE YOUs". He walks alongside you every minute of every day, watching, protecting, caring, loving, strengthening. That book is a sampling of the thoughts and prayers which remain with you every day. You are loved!


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