When PROSTITUTION Fed My Children... Can GOD Take Care of Them Now?

Two ladies joined Girls With Vision 4 months ago...

Up until they began their journey with us, they had supported themselves and their children through prostitution.

Today, they have committed to turn their lives toward TRUTH and WHOLENESS!

But LIFE doesn't just change overnight!  
Now, as their HEARTS change, where will FOOD come from?
...And it's not easy to follow TRUTH when your children are hungry!

This week, at Girls With Vision, we will be helping them start up a small business...

Please pray - that they will see ...as they are faithful to GOD, He will provide for their REAL needs... May their businesses be a huge success!!!

And, again, as I walk with these amazing ladies, I look at my own life... How easy has "faithfulness" looked for me?  It has never asked me to see my children hungry!  

LORD, as I watch my friends FIGHT to be faithful, may I also FIGHT...   


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