From BEING the Mercy Mission BRINGING the Mercy Mission...

Today I was MOVED!!!

As a part of our program with our ladies, we take a day as a group to go on a "Mercy Mission".  

It is always an interesting time to me - usually our group receives the "Mercy Missions"... many of the mamas in our group truly are the poorest of the poor!  But, when it comes time to go and extend grace, they are willing and excited... 

Today we went to an orphanage together.  In preparation, we talked about how we would pray for these babies.  That our time of holding them would be a time of coming before GOD in prayer for each child and his mama - who must be in a truly desperate place, to have abandoned her baby!

I left the ladies in one room... we were waiting for sleeping orphans to awake.  When I returned, the nannies were all sitting in the front on the couches.  There was commotion coming from the bedroom where all the babies were.  I walked back.  Wondered what was going on.  When I entered I just stopped.  These ladies were each holding, singing, rocking and praying in loud supplication to GOD for every one of those babies!  Tears were coming from their eyes... my own eyes as well!

How these ladies, who truly KNOW pain, also KNOW compassion!  The love and grace that they spilled on these babies was amazing!

One of the ladies who was with me was Beatrice.  I met her months ago - on the day after her own son died.  

Read Beatrice's story here 
Today, Beatrice pulled me aside.  With tears in her eyes, she told me - I want to adopt a baby boy.
As I looked into her heart, I understood...

Yes, I have a lot to learn about mercy ... from those who need mercy!  ...I too am one who needs to receive MERCY!!!


  1. Having a hard time even responding to this one through the tears for these ladies and the babies. Praying.


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