MISTAKES... Sometimes They Birth FRIENDSHIPS!!!

It had been weeks since she had been at our group...
Not having seen or heard how she was doing, we began to worry.   Stories are circling that maybe she isn't in a good place!

So yesterday, as we drove home, Mama Wambui and I stopped to check on Catherine.  

The excitement of our visit... along with a car was too much for the children around to handle!  They gathered around, touching... (yes, even scratching a little)... pushing each other.  

I had left the back door open - one little boy decided to be helpful and close it.  Over all the boisterous little voices, I didn't notice that one was crying!  Until, we realized - one little boy's fingers had been stuck in the door when it was closed!  

I jumped, trying to make sure he was OK!  I couldn't see any marks on either of his hands - was never sure exactly which one was hurt... now, I couldn't tell if he was crying from pain or from fear of the white lady who was holding him!  

But I felt terrible!  We were in a section of our community where the poorest of the poor live.  An area where prostitution is how many mamas come home with any food for their children!  Where we have desired to reach - but are faced with deep suspicion and fear.  Where we long to bring Christ's hope and peace - but are met with hesitant withdrawal.  We've prayed for this area!  And now this!  Hurting a little boy could never be a way to the hearts of desperate mamas.  

So today, I went back.  Honestly, I felt a little fear in going back.  Not exactly the safest place to be... and now, they had reason to be angry at me!  What would I face as a greeting today?

I packed a gift  - a big bag of groceries for mama and a dolly for Brian - the boy who I discovered when I arrived, was now knows as - "Little Brian with the hurt fingers".

My coming was a surprise.  I sat with 6 mamas who were out by the road as I tried to figure out where Brian lived.  But soon, Brian himself, along with his mama showed up.  Brian was fine - his mama was thrilled with her gift.  And, Uncle Johnny's dolly was definitely LOVED!

And so, once again, I am just humbled.  
What I saw as a terrible mistake - one that could jeopardize our impact in a whole burdened section of our neighborhood - God used to enable me to meet some new friends... ones who are interested in joining us at Girls With Vision now!

If reaching into peoples' lives were left up to me, I would bumble the whole thing!  For sure, I would have never gone about it this way!  God can turn my mistakes into hope! 

And these are the smiles of precious children as I left... SO thankful!!!



  1. Camie, Just love you and the amazing heart God has given you and who you grew up to be in Him. Love these faces and praying for them to grow up to know Christ's love and hope for them.

  2. Camie, thank you for each and every time you take the precious moments of your day to transport us as closely as you are able through words and pictures to your neighborhood and these precious lives you are being Jesus to. Praying God will give you strength, creativity, endurance and more and more abundant love to pour out on your neighbors. I love you dear friend! A big hug and a big thank you. -Kristina Todd


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