Trudging ALONG... With JOY!!!

RETREAT... it has been the most amazing part of our walk with each new lady who joins Girls With Vision.  After having gone through a 3 month study, we head somewhere... just us.  

For most of them, this is a FIRST!  They have never had the chance to LEAVE, be COOKED for, RELAX, PRAY and WORSHIP while someone else watches their children and cleans the dishes.

This is when we REALLY get to know each other!  This is where we learn each others' stories, laugh together and cry over hurts that run deep!  And we pray... how we pray!

We've had 3 retreats so far... and they have been amazing!  This upcoming weekend will be our fourth.  But, 2 days ago, our whole plan came to a complete STOP!  The venue we had booked called to apologize that they had overbooked!  Our reservations were cancelled.  Pauline and I just froze... without a word, we both knew... there was barely enough money for us to cover the first booking!  At this last minute, how would we find a place?  As we called around, our worst fears were confirmed... the money we had would not stretch for this last minute booking!

The next morning, I posted a request on my facebook wall... and we PRAYED!  Then, after Bible study with all of the Girls With Vision, we went.  As we signed the new booking, Pauline and I looked at each other - we both knew we didn't have that money!  But, we also held on to what we know.  GOD cares more about these ladies than even we do!   He would provide!

By the time we got home, the money had ALL come in!  

We want to mention a special word of thanks to each of you who donated!  We don't take it lightly that you have reached across the world to touch the life of someone that much of society ignores... Someone you will never meet, yet you have greatly impacted!  THANK YOU!

The next morning, as we opened our Bibles with the ladies in our group, we shared the whole story with them...  God LOVES you and He CARES about you!!!  Yes, in the end, that was the story in this...  For each of the 15 women who will attend the retreat, it has been confirmed - GOD cares about me!

And what did Pauline and I learn?  ... well, ours is NOT to worry about money...  Ours is only to be faithful... to keep on trudging along with each story that we encounter!  Because, even as we rejoiced, a member of our group arrived, downcast. - She had been locked out of her house when the rent wasn't paid.   And so, as we rejoice in God's provision, we recognize again - these struggles will not soon be over!   Each of our paths toward transformation has a lot more to do with trudging... together!


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