We recognized her... the prostitute from behind our house!

Yesterday afternoon, we got a call...
A lady had approached a member of our Girls With Vision and asked to find us.  (She knew us from the medical camp we had in June).

As we walked to her "home", Mama Wambui whispered to me.  This is NOT going to be easy!

We approached through high grass - what had been built as a 2-stall bathroom (literally, just 2 stalls - with a roof).  

As soon as Shiku saw us, she began to cry - and shake.  

As soon as I saw her, I recognized her - the prostitute from behind our house!  Most of the times that I greet her, she is drunk.  But I have prayed for her!

Her father, also a man that spends most of his time at the bar behind our house, is in horrible pain.  His hip is broken.  He has a terrible cough.  He is occupying the other "stall". He cannot move at all.  He has not even had a Tylenol for his pain.  As we speak to him, we all fear - how will this man survive this?

And then, there is a 7 year old boy.  Climbing, playing, ...a normal 7 year old boy!  Except THIS situation is not normal!  

We had brought food, but there is no place or means for Shiku to cook.

I lay awake last night, and woke up this morning with thoughts of this broken family.  What do we do? How can we help?  How can we REALLY help?  Once again, LORD - we come to you for wisdom!

Shiku never stopped shaking - even as I hugged her goodbye, I could feel her shoulders quaking, tears close.   

THIS is pain...
THIS is hopelessness...
God, how can we bring YOUR HOPE to this situation?
Baba Shiku, eating some food I took him today (one day after this post)...


  1. Sounds like she has taken off the mask, is broken and ready to be rebuilt by the Master Builder... Praying

  2. I'm glad that this blog post doesn't end with any cookie cutter Christian platitudes expressing mindless hope and optimism. We DO, of course, hope. And optimism about a God who loves to come thru for his people is not ever misplaced. But situations like this are super difficult and heartbreaking and most of the time before we'll see progress we must experience the pain. I'll pray for you and your neighbors while I fold some laundry...

  3. Praying for hope & wisdom for you guys tonight!

  4. Off to the hospital with Baba Shiku this morning. Praying for "heart-healing" and physical healing - for both father and daughter!

  5. Praying for you guys and for healing for this family! Lord, please do your work!


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