John Waweru DIED Today

Brad, consoling Baba Waweru just after we were told the news...

It's been over a week since Brad received the call and took John Waweru to the emergency room.

We've been keeping in touch with his progress and trying to get to the hospital to visit him and meet his family this whole week.  Today was the day we worked it all out.

I DREADED another trip to a public hospital!   

We arrived as the visiting hours were in full swing.  
Crowded halls.  
Strong smells.  

We met Waweru's father first.  Just out of the room from seeing his son, the doctor had asked him to step out as they gave him some care.  So we waited together in the hall.  More family arrived - including "sho sho" (grandmother).  It turns out that Mama Waweru died last year.   All of them are SO young!

Sho Sho and I as we waited to visit her grandson.
Then they called us.  Instead of taking us to the ward, they escorted us into a small room.  

A counselor solemnly shared with the family that their 20 year old son, John Waweru had died.  

And just like that, we were carried into grief and mourning with a family we had only met minutes before, for a boy we had never really met - but had prayed for constantly throughout the past week.

Pauline and I took a bus while Brad drove the grieving family to their home...  
A small, tin "shanty" - now, missing a mama and a son.  

We KNOW for a fact that GOD had us there - 
with them - at that specific time for a special reason.  
Prayers together.
Some funds to help them move on from here.
We REALLY don't know WHY! 

The truth of the matter is, that GOD sees a bigger picture that I can't even pretend to understand! 

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see.
Hebrews 11:2

Tonight, as we reel back with strong emotions, we're just hanging on to that faith... the only handle we have on things we can't see and don't understand.

Please, pray with us for Waweru's family as they grieve tonight!


  1. Camie and Brad- I'm so sorry. We'll be praying for this precious family. Also, my husband, Andy, sends out a Christmas letter every year to his real estate clients. He uses it as an opportunity to share the Lord with them in addition to his everyday interactions with them, and these letters have opened doors for him to have deeper spiritual conversations with his clients. He asked me to ask you if he can share this story in his letter this year. You account of when Brad took John to the hospital and the questions you raised would be perfect for the Christmas letter. Thanks. Stephanie Lax

    1. Stephanie, we would be happy for him to share this story!
      Hugs to you and your family!


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