Instead of Feeling OVERWHELMED ... We BOUGHT More CHAIRS!!!

And, this is how those chairs were delivered... isn't Hosea - the cyclist, amazing?
As we approached 2014 as Girls With Vision, we weren't sure what to expect.  

In many ways, the month of December had left us worn down...

And so, as we trudged down to our center, 
we steadied ourselves for the start of our new Girls With Vision season, 
we faced ahead with some FEAR... 
a lot of HOPE... 
and sheer DETERMINATION...

This was the meeting where we would meet the new ladies who were interested in joining our group.   
Truly, we had no idea what to expect!

We welcomed 48 ladies... FORTY-EIGHT!?!!!

As I looked out into their eyes, I just smiled.  

I wondered about their stories.  
Their hurts.  
Their past.  
And most of all, their FUTURE... 
How would these next months, 
of getting to know our GOD of GRACE, 
impact their HEARTS?

We knew that GOD had brought them to us... we would walk with them faithfully.

The 3 of us... together since the first day of GIRLS WITH VISION - Dear friends and fellow prayer warriors!

 And so, while we face the fact that our group has almost doubled overnight, 
we can only smile

We see at least 3 well known prostitutes, 1 bartender, 1 who actually brews the alcohol, and many alcoholics looking back at us... a touch of hope in their eyes... 
and we can only smile! 

We face the fact that we have NO idea how everything will work out, 
and we can only smile!

Not because we don't feel a little nervous...  
Not because we aren't seeing some big challenges facing us...

But ONLY because we are well aware that  NOTHING good that has happened already at Girls With Vision has come about because of our competence. 
Each story of GOD'S GRACE has only been HIS work.

And, so, as we look toward the biggest challenge we've ever faced, we just KNOW - the same GOD that has led us this far...
LOVES these ladies, 
KNOWS their issues, 
and BROUGHT them to us... 
HE will guide us down this path.

Ours is to remain FAITHFUL!

Instead of giving in to that overwhelming feeling...
Asking all those crazy questions of HOW...

We went and bought more chairs!

And we are THANKFUL!

And, this is how those chairs were delivered... isn't Hosea - the cyclist, amazing?

No, we didn't welcome these cows to join our group - but I did laugh when I found them all gathered in front of our center!


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