We Never MEANT to Start a CHURCH!!!

Walking to church this morning.

This morning,
With no fan fare
No bells and whistles
In the center of Ngando,
At our GIRLS WITH VISION center,
A CHURCH was born..

We never PLANNED to start a church!
We had no idea HOW to plant a church...
We still have no formula
No method
Just following JESUS... 
And inviting ladies to join us in following HIM... 

When we first began at Girls With Vision, we honestly thought if we could just help ladies to earn an income, throw in a little Bible study because we knew that was important too - then, of course, lives would turn around.

Quickly, we realized, that the issues holding ladies in the poverty cycle had little to do with income opportunities.

Without inner, spiritual transformation, opportunities, more often than not, resulted in failure.  (and we have experienced many of these!)

Our focus completely changed.

Now, we begin with Bible Study.   

For at least 3 months, we learn together... Who is GOD?  Who is MAN?  How can MAN have a relationship with GOD?  Why would GOD even care about MAN?

We face tough questions and wrestle with TRUTH.

And we watch GOD change hearts and lives.


But we never imagined a CHURCH!

We were faithful in what we knew GOD had called us to - we discipled ladies.  Their relationships with GOD and with each other began to grow.  Their husbands began to join us.
They asked for a church!

This is not our church...
Not our plan...
But, we are so grateful that GOD has led us HIS way - 
so much better than what we ever dreamed of!!!

Mortals make elaborate plans,
    but God has the last word.
 Humans are satisfied with whatever looks good;
    God probes for what is good.
Put God in charge of your work,
    then what you’ve planned will take place.
Proverbs 16:1-3


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