The MORE I Learn, the LESS I Know...

In every area of my life!

When I feel like I am really learning something - it doesn't take long to realize how very little I have grasped!  

Vast knowledge - depth of wisdom - truth - it can only come from GOD!


She arrived at our door to Girls With Vision about 6 months ago.  Young, teen aged girl.  Struggling.

We only take in new members 4 times a year.  Because of the structure of our discipleship program, we want to work through truth with each new member - from the beginning to the end...  and it works, most of the time. 

I actually sent Faith away.  “Come back to join us in January,” I said with a smile.  This was something I “knew”... our system... it wasn't the right time to bring in a new member!

But, as we learned Faith’s story, we realized that this system wasn’t going to work for her! 

She was pregnant.  She had been forced from school.  Now, her mama was angry - beating her.  Rejection from every side - and she had turned to us.  Suddenly, what I knew - the “system” we had established didn’t mean anything.

We embraced Faith.

She joined our Bible study - daily.  Worked on beads...  
And most importantly,we spoke into her - unfamiliar words - like LOVE and GRACE.  And, she began to smile again. 

When the “Girls With Vision” - Faith Ministries Church opened, she was one of the first members to join.  Excited to help - eager to learn more.

I “knew” so much before Faith came... But then we met her... a real person... with real pain... a real story that I could hug... a young girl to cry with - and I realized I didn’t know anything at all

The more I learn, the less I know...

Two weeks ago, Faith was chased out of her home.  What will we do with her now?  We didn’t have a place for her to stay.  Sadness flooded her face again.

This is our Faith!  
With a baby coming any day now, and no place to stay.

Other girls who have been in her situation...  end up as prostitutes - living in bars.  Or married to a drunkard - one who was willing to give them shelter.

Faith’s story is not unusual for our community.

Our prayer is that Faith and her baby will know LOVE and GRACE in the midst of their difficult path.

We don't KNOW anything!
And so, we go to the ONE who does.

Because the more I learn.. the LESS I know.  

But, as I’ve pondered this enigma over these last weeks, I’m realizing something...

Maybe God’s goal isn’t for me to KNOW!  
Actually, I’m quite sure of that!  
I will never “know” it all...

If I did, I wouldn’t NEED HIM!

And, I love that He's not hiding anything... He just wants me to ask!  
 But anyone who needs wisdom should ask God, 
whose very nature is to give to everyone without a second thought, 
without keeping score. 
Wisdom will certainly be given to those who ask.  
James 1:5


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