Even When THINGS Seem Terribly WRONG...

Baby Rubby.
We came to LOVE her almost a year ago!

She was so sickly that the morning after the medical camp, we called and went to find her - Dr. Deanna was afraid that if we didn't run tests and treat her swiftly, her life may slip away. 

Rubby made it through another medical crises.

Although she never thrived, she survived.  And we rejoiced.

And so, we entered the life of an orphan teen mama, Daisy - desperate to find love in life....  
A girl who, when she had discovered she was pregnant, took some strong medicine, hoping to rid herself of this baby... 
Rubby survived.  
Alive - but with many health issues.

A group of friends gathered and made a special quilt for Rubby.  And they PRAY for her!  Every time I visited Rubby after that (announced or unannounced), she was sitting on or wrapped in that quilt.
Rubby and Daisy with her precious quilt
Later, another midnight phone call... haste... seizures... fear (I wasn't sure Rubby would make it to the hospital).  
Again, Rubby survived!

Rubby with her mama, Daisy - in her hospital bed.
Even that first time we met her, I would have loved to just bring Rubby home with us.  She obviously needed a healthier situation and loving care...  (in all the times that I have visited, I have never seen Rubby smile... and I really worked to get a smile!)

We knew in our hearts that Daisy was the mama GOD had given to Rubby.  If we could only walk with her and help her to be the mama she needs to be!

But Daisy didn't or couldn't  respond.  Perhaps the abuse she had suffered herself was louder than the love we were trying to extend.  She continued to make poor decisions - a few times, we questioned whether we should really leave Rubby in her care.

Almost 2 weeks ago now, Daisy ran away with Rubby.  The only thing she took with her was the quilt - the gift that had meant so much!

We haven't seen them since.

Weird phone calls with strange demands...

Stories.... of Daisy trying to throw Rubby in a river... of Daisy abandoning her at the doors of an orphanage...  Of Rubby being given to someone else and taken to a hospital... Police corruption - in full evidence...

We have searched!  We have cried!  We have PRAYED...  And so many have prayed with us!

But now, we are concluding that something very evil has happened with Rubby. 

And we are heartbroken.

Pleading to our GOD.

Asking for HIS mercy on Rubby's life - for GRACE in Daisy's life.

The realities of living in a community where babies are sold - and at times sacrificed are hitting hard.

GOD, please protect our Rubby!

Two things stand out in my mind right now.

One is something that Krista Davis (Safe Families, Indianapolis) shared with us - 
 "We still don't know the end of the story!"  
And we don't.  
God continues to write HIS story... 
I pray that this story ends with a miracle that will SHOUT God's goodness in mighty ways!

The second is a question that I keep asking myself - Even if things don't turn out as we hope ... can I continue to TRUST in GOD'S goodness?  

My answer doesn't come easily - but, yes... I will choose to TRUST...

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.


  1. may the lord encourage you at this moment the matlack Family


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