JOY Out of Sacrifice!

Yesterday, my thoughts kept traveling back.  It's been about 4 years now, since we got serious about selling everything we owned and stepping toward a move... not just a trip or a few years' term - but a MOVE to Kenya.


 And, knowing that we were heading toward GOD'S call was the only thing that made it possible.  People thought we were crazy - I thought we were crazy!  We weren't even exactly sure where we would be or what we would be doing - except that we were moving... our family... to Africa.  


 So, we started to sort and sell or give away 17 years worth of life and memories.  Going down to - literally NOTHING!   I kept telling myself, "No turning back!  I hope we've heard this call right!"  Because, in our situation, GOD didn't choose to reveal many details to us until we had taken some drastic steps.   We only knew we were supposed to go!



I was a "quilter" before we moved.  There was nothing I loved more than gathering fabrics, piecing them together, and especially hand quilting.  


With young children, I didn't have much time to quilt, but I had accumulated a huge stash of fabric - any yard sale or thrift shop that was selling a box of cotton fabric quickly caught my eye - and I bought, washed and put them on my shelf - figuring that one day, as my children grew, I would really get to dig into them!


My fabrics filled the hutch in the back room in this photo...


Brad had even given me a room in our house for my sewing!  It was a sanctuary to me - my chair, where I read my Bible and cuddled my kids - and of course, my sewing machine, decorated with all my fabrics and anything antique that had to do with sewing!  I spent many peaceful hours in there!




But, God had asked us to move on.  To get rid of all our "things"... and, that included my fabric!  

A fellow quilter bought all my fabric.  

As she drove away - I cried. 


When we arrived in Kenya and unpacked what we had brought with us (which was only our normal weight allowance for a plane trip) - I was surprised that Brad had slipped my sewing machine into the luggage... a true act of love!  


That sewing machine has lain idle for most of the 3 years we've been here.  But, a few weeks ago, Pauline and I began discussing how to increase our market for GIRLS WITH VISION.  And, we decided to add some fabric crafts to our repertoire.















I dusted off my sewing machine, carried it down to Girls With Vision, and had such an amazing day - working with Daisy, who has had some training in sewing and Sho Sho - who has been struggling to be able to learn the bead work designs.  





As I worked, on that same machine that had been so special to me back home, I just laughed inside.  This day - and the joy and income it would bring to ladies in need - was worth the sacrifices I had made... this is so much more to me!   

I was reminded of Romans 8:28... 

Most of the time, we don't really clearly see the "good" that God brings out of hard things.  I'm so grateful that yesterday, I got to experience something truly "good"!


He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.

 Romans 8:28

Our first decorative pillow... came with many cheers - from all the ladies in our center!


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