A SWEET Aroma!!!


Rubby is two years old now...
And GOD has miraculously saved her life at least 3 times since we met her.

We found Rubby - after she had been lost for 6 months.  
Read the story about when Rubby got lost here.
Now, for the past 3 weeks, we have gotten to hold her in our arms and in our hearts...

We rescued her from a place we believe she was trafficked to.
When we found her, she was very severely malnurished.

And here's a secret that pictures can't tell...
Malnutrition STINKS... literally...

The truth is, that Rubby doesn't smell very good.
It's in her breath....
Its even her skin...

We bathe her.  Often.
I've chewed up breath mints and given her the small pieces.
Perfumed lotions.
Open windows.
Scented candles.

But, we LOVE Rubby... and somehow, that love hides the STINK.

And, as I've pondered (and changed my own clothes several times a day), I realized that Rubby has taught me something special.

LOVE and GRACE can cover the stink!

Through us, he brings knowledge of Christ. Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God...

2 Corinthians 2:14-16 

I can't even really imagine...  God declaring that I, a sinner, am a sweet aroma!  
But, I'm thankful that LOVE and GRACE can cover my stink!

And, thankful that God brought RUBBY into our lives to help us understand God's GRACE in new ways!


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