A Miracle in Ngando

I wish that you could have been here with us, to be a part of this emotional an monumental day!

Behind the Scene

It's been 2 years now, since Brad worked with Pastor Isaac to start up a small Bible College for the pastors here in Ngando; men and women who love the LORD and long to increase their knowledge of His WORD.

When the subject of baptism came up, Brad realized that in all the time we have been here, walking with the churches in our community, we have never seen a baptism ceremony!  When he asked the students, their response hit us hard.

Oh, the desire for baptism is deep!  Both the pastors and congregants desire to be able to take that step.  But, baptism can't be for the poor who live in a slum.  Water is scarce - bought by the bucket 
full.  Any river or stream in Nairobi is grossly polluted!  And, travel upcountry to find a clean water source is cost prohibitive.  For a baptism to take place in this community would take a miracle.

So, Brad and I started to pray - and some of you prayed with us!


With the help of some special supporters and friends, the group of churches in Ngando came together to buy this big blue tub...   A miracle was born!

(Our kids did think it was a swimming pool when it was first delivered to our home!)

Hearts for Christ, Joy Unspeakable!
This day marks the hearts of 21 believers.  
May their lives shine and mark the community of Ngando!

Thanking GOD for this day!
And, as we continue to pray for the churches here in Ngando, as they grow, share and impact this community, we look forward to many more baptism days to come!!!
We are so grateful to each of you who pray for us often, support us financially, and have become such a vital part of our lives here in Ngando! 
Thank you!!!


  1. Great work you are all doing there Cammie. Can't wait to get back to Nairobi to visit with you and Brad and the rest of the gang. Your lives are an inspiration and a challenge to me and many others. Dan Lacich


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