A real typical story in the life of a family in Nairobi this Christmas season

A real typical story in the life of a 
family in Nairobi this Christmas season

When the phone rings at 8pm, we usually don’t answer…

Our phones were ringing – over and over.  As a rule, once we are in our family’s evening routine, we don’t answer those calls.  On this night, there was a follow up text that we could not ignore.  “Two girls in your community have been locked out of their home.  Their mom is on a drinking binge.” 

We couldn't do "nothing"!!!

Our family took in the news.   
Our hearts sank!  
It was dark and raining outside!!!  
But, we couldn’t do “nothing”! 
We figured out where in Ngando they were and went to get them. 
Sam prepared a bed while Abby prepared some food.
When we returned with the girls, Abby burst into tears.   

The youngest was Blessing! – A five year old that we’ve known!

The next few days we prayed as we tried to find the way forward for these precious girls!

A trip to the children’s department many conversations and counsel… we spent the next couple of days with the girls, trying to figure out “what’s next?” 

Finally their mom was able to get their house reopened.
They went back home…
The whole situation was heart wrenching.

We visited.  We met their mama… Thankful that she once again was sober and actually doing a little business!   But, we still had deep sadness every time we thought about the girls (four sisters now).    
Their needs are so deep!!!   
They are so vulnerable!!!

The Need? …Spiritual

This family needs food… yes! 
This family needs school fees… yes!   
They are in grave need of counseling and protection for the girls… yes!  
 They need money for rent… yes!   

But, until they can meet GOD, find His GRACE and walk in His LOVE, there can’t be true healing.

As a matter of fact, the girls are a part of a local feeding program.  They also have sponsors paying for their school!  They get food from a charity… yet they continue to struggle!

A Local Church’s Embrace

We were thrilled when Pastor Kefa, a man that we have been discipling for some time, decided to host a Bible Club for children.  Immediately we called Mercy and her sisters.
When they arrived at the church, Pastor Kefa met them, recognized them from the community, learned where their home is and welcomed them fully.


Healing Continues

They have now spent 3 days in this church – they have heard about the Christmas story and more importantly, they have seen and felt God’s love!
Pastor Kefa will visit them.   
He will be there if mama starts to drink.
He will lead them toward GOD!    
Our prayer is that this family will see real transformation!

This and other stories go on thanks to your prayers and giving.


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